Starting a New TAFE Chapter

Here is a step-by-step process of starting a new TAFE chapter:

Step 1 Get approval from the school administration. One of the many wonderful things about TAFE is that the principals’ organization, TASSP, is our affiliate. Your principal’s support is very important! A supporting principal can make an organization prosper. Keep your principal informed and involved and he/she will most likely be on your side for good.

Step 2 Choose a Teacher Leader. You are it, I see. Be the best you can be. Be a person who says, "Yes, that’s possible” rather than "No, that won’t work.”

Step 3 Attend the Teacher Leader Workshop for training on how to effectively manage your chapter. (Hosted by the TAFE State Office.)

Step 4 Solicit the support from fellow teachers, faculty members, region president schools, region mentors and administrators. They can help with ideas, drafting a constitution, encouraging students to join, recommending members, etc. Some chapters have a faculty advisory board that helps to chaperone events, meets regularly to give ideas, and actively recommends students who would be good "educator” prospects.

Step 5 Complete the online state membership information. Print your invoice and send it in with your check to TAFE, 1833 S. IH-35, Austin TX 78741.  State dues are $80.00 per chapter. Once your membership is paid, you will be able to download and print membership cards for your students.

Step 6  You MUST register with our national affiliate, Educators Rising. There is no cost to register with the national organization, but there are many benefits for you and your students. You will register first then have your students all register. Click here to go to the Educators Rising website. Then click on Join the Network and choose Teacher/Administrator.

Step 7 Download the Teacher Leader Handbook. The handbook provides valuable information about the organization, projects and activities, and the operation of your chapter.

Step 8 Recruit a few core students to start. These students can help recruit others. They can also be valuable resources when setting goals, planning meetings, developing budgets, and promoting membership.

Step 9 Draft a Constitution. When starting, you might want to use the "suggested” Chapter Constitution. That’s fine for now. Later you will want to revise or write one of your own. A constitution should act as your chapter’s road map.

Step 10 Set chapter goals. What is it that your TAFE chapter wants to accomplish? Why is it being formed? List all the things you want to do, to gain, to be. This is the basis of your organization, the reason for its existence.

Step 11 Plan a tentative calendar of activities to meet your goals. When you ask people to join the organization, have some definite projects in mind so that you can tell prospective members about them. (See the sample yearly calendar.)

Step 15 Prepare a budget

Step 16 Plan a terrific first meeting.  Don't let this meeting just happen.  Plan it well well ahead of time and have an agenda.  This is when you will sell your organization.  If it sounds fun, exciting, interesting, organized, and involved, students will want to join.  You must believe in what you are doing.  Make it attractive.  Use invitations, door prizes, discounted dues, anything that will attract attention.  Get students involved from the beginning.  Make them feel needed, wanted and part of the group.  As soon as possible, hand the chapter over to the students.  This is a student let organization and the more involved they get, the more ownership and pride they will take in the chapter.

Step 17 Check the TAFE website to find out when and where your regional conference is being held.

Step 18 Get your chapter involved in the regional conference activities!

Step 19 Make plans to attend the TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit and the Educators Rising National Conference.