Article I Name

The name of this Future Educators of Texas Chapter shall be:

Name of Chapter

Name of School City State

Article II Purposes

Section 1. To learn about the teaching profession, its opportunities, responsibilities, and its important role in our democracy.

Section 2. To explore our own interests and abilities in relation to the various fields of teaching.

Section 3. To cultivate the qualities of character, service and leadership which are essential in good teachers.

Section 4. To learn how and where teachers receive their training, the cost, scholarships available,
number of years required, certification requirements, and standards.

Section 5. To study the lives and the influence of great teachers.

Article III Affiliation

Section 1. This TAFE chapter shall be chartered by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals.

Section 2. This charter shall be in effect as long as dues are kept current.

Article IV Officers and duties

Section 1. The president shall preside over meetings and see that the work of the chapter goes forward.

Section 2. The vice president shall assist the president and act in his/her absence. He shall serve as chairperson of the program committee.

Section 3. The secretary shall keep an accurate list of members and a record of their attendance at meetings and shall record the activities of the chapter, including the minutes of business meetings. He/she shall carry on all chapter correspondence.

Section 4. The financial secretary shall collect dues and send the annual fees to the TAFE State office.

Section 5. The historian shall keep the history of the chapter and the scrapbook.

Section 6. The parliamentarian shall learn parliamentary procedure and teach it to the chapter.

Section 7. The faculty advisor shall advise the chapter in all its activities and relations.

Article V Qualifications and duties of administrators and advisors

Section 1. The principal (or an assistant principal appointed by the principal) should serve in an
advisory role for chapter operations.

Section 2. The advisor shall be a teacher approved by the principal and/or superintendent.

Article VI. Membership

Section 1. Membership is open to any student in grades _____ to _____ who is interested in exploring teaching as a career and who has the high qualities of character, service, scholarship, and leadership essential to a good teacher.

Section 2. Two consecutive unexcused absences from regularly scheduled meetings may cause loss of membership.

Section 3. The scholastic and citizenship standing of each member shall be reviewed twice annually.
Below average grades may result in placing the member on probation or cause loss of membership.

Article VII Membership dues

The dues shall be _____for the school year.

Article VIII Meetings

The chapter shall meet at (stated times)

Article IX Elections

Officers shall be elected by ballot annually.

Article X Quorum

A majority of the members shall constitute a quorum.

Article XI Committees

Section 1. The president and advisor shall be ex officio members of every committee.

Section 2. Committees shall include program, social, publicity, membership, finance, and service.

Section 3. The vice president shall be chairperson of the program committee.

Section 4. Chairpersons of other committees shall be appointed by the president with approval of the advisor and principal.

Article XII Amendments

This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote at any regular meeting, provided notice in writing of the proposed amendment shall have been filed with the secretary and presented at the monthly meeting preceding the one at which it is to be voted on.