2020 Teacher Leader Workshop

New Teacher Leader Sessions - led by Amie Brenton

     Part 1 Recording of session - Amie's slide presentation
     Part 2 Recording of session - Amie's slide presentation
     TAFE Competition Quiz

General Session 

     Part 1

     Part 2 After breakout rooms

Guest Speakers Links and Downloads

(The links below are to the speaker's presentation slides.  However, you can watch them present them in General Session Part 1) 

     Michele Arcadia - National Board Certified Teachers - Presentation 

     Matthew Flippen - Pacific Island University (PIU) Online - Presentation Scholarships Application coming soon

     Preston Naegli - Grand Canyon University - GCU Live Lesson Full Catalog - link to sign up for presentations

 Q&A from Sessions and Chat: 

Coming soon

Breakout Sessions:

1. Nearpod Basics: Tired of your same old PowerPoint or Google Slide?  Take them up a notch by making them interactive.  To watch, CLICK HERE 51:21 MINUTES.  By Leah Zavala, Advanced Technology Complex, Denton

2. FlipGrid Basics: Are you and your students bored of the basic online discussion board?  Try this platform for video discussions, responses, and reflections.  To watch, CLICK HERE, 11 minutes.  By Leah Zavala, Advanced Technology Complex, Denton

3. Adobe Spark Basics: Are you looking for something different?  Something that you may not have explored yet?  Well, check out this Adobe Spark session and learn how to incorporate it in your lessons.  To watch, CLICK HERE, 17.5 minutes.  By Leah Zavala, Advanced Technology Complex, Denton

4. Not an Island: Identifying Resources for Future Educators on Campus: This session will discuss all of the possible professional support staff on campus and within the community who guide future educators in increasing their knowledge of what is available to them and to their students.  This will also give students an opportunity to be exposed to careers within the Education and Training Career Cluster that are not directly in the classroom, but are still crucial to effective schools and instruction.  CLICK HERE 20:21 minutes. By Vanessa Brown, Jimmy Carter Early College High School

5. Live Streaming in Cav Kids: Our goal is to make the best connection between our students taking our course online and our Cav Kids.  In order to facilitate interaction with the preschool lab, we are doing a live stream from the lab.  Virtual student will be able to observe the children, skils of a teacher and see their lessons incorporated into the lab. CLICK HERE 5 minutes.  By Connie Thornell, College Park HS, The Woodlands

6. Spice UP Your Lessons:  Teachers will be actively engaged in hands on session where they can apply skills gained to spice up a current lesson. CLICK HERE 20:21 minutes. By Leah Zavala, Advanced Technology Complex, Denton

7. TAFE Special Edition: This session will show how to guide your special needs students in preparing for competitive events. CLICK HERE 4:45 minutes.  By Connie Thornell, College Park HS, The Woodlands

8. Pattern Blocks in Early Childhood: In this session teachers will learn how to use pattern blocks for problem-solving.  They will also learn how to use them to differentiate lessons for children in their lab. Learn how use them to have students create lessons for their students.  CLICK HERE 4:53 minutes By Connie Thornell, College Park HS, The Woodlands

9. March2Success:  Information Sheet CLICK HERE; Videos CLICK HERE various lengths

10. TAFE Competitive Events Stations: Original from Karen Viator and Bailey Collins updated to include all competitive events and levels.

Round Table Sessions

At the Teacher Leader Workshop the last few years, we have had teacher leaders explain competitions and give them pointers to help them understand the events.  The following are videos teacher leaders have created to take the place of the Round Table Sessions. 
     Children's Literature - presented by Connie Thornell
     Creative Lecture - presented by Nekeida Pierce - Ted's Secrets to Great Public Speaking 12:55 minutes
     Differentiated Lesson - presented by Earnest Buckley
     Educators Rising Leadership Award - presented by Vickie Jenson - 11:30 minutes
     Educators Rising Moment - presented by Leah Zavala
     Ethical Dilemma - presented by Amie Brenton
     Exploring Education Careers - presented by Kim Smith - Coming soon
     Impromptu Lesson & Impromptu Speaking - presented by Nekeida Pierce
     Inside Our Schools - presented by Sara Barrera - coming soon Students' Competition Video
     Job Interview - presented by Stacy Eberwine 
     Lesson Planning & Delivery - presented by Kim Watson
     Parliamentary Procedure 
     Professional Development - presented by Debbie Reese
     Public Speaking - presented by Stacy Eberwine 
     Researching Learning Challenges - presented by Debbie Reese

Gallery Walk

These are pictures teacher leaders sent in of projects that were blue ribbon winners at state.  If you have any picture that you could share, please send them to me [email protected]  or share with me in Google at [email protected]
Chapter Yearbook
Interactive Bulletin Board 
Project Visualize 
Teacher Created Materials