Welcome to our new TAFE website! 

We hope you like it. We are very excited to have a website that is more user friendly! When you log-in the first time, you will click on “Join/Renew” then click on “Renew” type in your username which is your email address then click on “Forgot your password”. The system will generate a password and send it to your email. You will then be able to login and if you want, you can change your password at that time. If you changed schools and your new school had a chapter last year, please contact Alice at 512-443-2100 ext. 229. If you changed schools and your new school has not had a chapter or you are a new chapter, you will need to click on “Join/Renew” and follow the prompts.

We are looking forward to a great year!  Our theme for the year is “Teachers Go Beyond the Call of Duty!”  The officers have been making plans incorporating the theme into our 2017 TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit that will be held in Arlington at University of Texas at Arlington, the Arlington Convention Center and the Sheraton Hotel on February 17-19, 2017.

We have updated our TAFE Brochure and TAFE FACTS flyer. These will be available for you at the Advisor Workshop, August 1st-2nd. We will also have 3 posters for you to pick up: a conference poster, a FCS poster, and a TAFE promotional poster. These will not be mailed out, but those who do not attend can print them from the website. Promotional Materials are under the Advisor tab.

TAFE Advisor’s Workshop
This two-day workshop is the very best opportunity for new and veteran advisors to get together, share ideas, get the answers to questions so that your year in TAFE will be successful. New advisors will get foundational information, exciting tips, and shortcuts on managing their chapter in ways that will make life easier and more productive. All participants will gain a broader understanding of their important role as advisor and earn required CPE hours in the process. Register today!

Advisor's Workshop