Region Competitive Events are finished and time to plan for the 2017 Teach Tomorrow Summit

The 2017 TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit will be held in Arlington at University of Texas at Arlington, the Arlington Convention Center and the Sheraton Hotel on February 16-19, 2017. Our theme for the year is “Teachers Go Beyond the Call of Duty!” For more information and the schedule, click here.

  • Applications for Running for State Officer has been extended to December 14th.
  • Student of the Year Application needs to be uploaded until December 14th. Application says December 1st.
  • You do not have to re-register for events that were registered for region.  
  • You need to register online and for:
    1. Teacher Leader of the Year - apply and upload by December 14th
    2. Outstanding Chapter - apply and upload by December 14th
    3. Student of the Year - apply and email or mail by December 14th
  • Uploads for Competitive Events must be done by 11:59 p.m., January 11, 2017. Events that require uploads:
    1. Breakout Session Presentation – send proposal form to
    2. Exploring Education Administration Careers
    3. Exploring Non-Core Subject Teaching Careers 
    4. Exploring Support Service Careers Competition
    5. Lesson Planning & Delivery – Arts – upload lesson plan and upload video to YouTube and send link to
    6. Lesson Planning & Delivery – CTE – upload lesson plan and upload video to YouTube and send link to
    7. Lesson Planning & Delivery – Humanities – upload lesson plan and upload video to YouTube and send link to
    8. Lesson Planning & Delivery – STEM– upload lesson plan and upload video to YouTube and send link to
    9. Researching Learning Challenges – Upload position paper
  • ELF Test State Qualifying Score was changed to 70 for this year. The test was more rigorous and the study guide more extensive. I contacted other CTSO’s to ask what score they use to qualify for state and most of them use 70. So if your student made a 70 or higher, they qualify to test at state. The state test will be different questions, but will use the same study guide.
  • DALLAS MAVERICKS' ANNUAL FCCLA/TAFE LEADERSHIP DAY ON FRIDAY, MARCH 3RD. Deadline for orders/payment is Friday, February 3rd, 2017. Tickets are extremely limited, and have sold out very quickly in the past. ORDER FORM
  • NEW TAFE SCHOLARSHIP:  At the Advisor's Workshop on August 2nd, Donna and Mike Sattler of Its Your Spice announced that they will be offering a $500 TAFE scholarship. They also said there could be a possibility of more than one scholarship depending on participation. Come on TAFE Teacher Leaders get those fundraisers going!!!! Read his announcement below.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: If you have not joined TAFE on Facebook, please join. We currently have 112 members of the group out of 250+ advisors and co-advisors and very few of those are students. Help us get the word out! If you know a TAFE teacher leader who is not currently a member of this group, please invite them to join our group. Also, get your students to join.  They can also join the TAFE Twitter and Instagram.
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TAFE MEMBERS: When you are logged in, you can click on the blue "Member Center" tab at the top right of the home page to:

  • View the Member Directory
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  • View and change your Member Profile
  • Check out the Event Calendar

With your cursor, hover over the "My Profile" tab in the Member Center, to see a drop down menu where you can select to view your invoices and submissions for competitive events. Also, please check your profile and school information and make any necessary changes.