The 2017 TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit will be held in Arlington at University of Texas at Arlington, the Arlington Convention Center and the Sheraton Hotel on February 16-19, 2017. Our theme for the year is “Teachers Go Beyond the Call of Duty!”

First General Session Competition Awards

Second (Final) General Session Competition Awards

  • DALLAS MAVERICKS' ANNUAL FCCLA/TAFE LEADERSHIP DAY ON FRIDAY, MARCH 3RD. Deadline for orders/payment is Friday, February 3rd, 2017. Tickets are extremely limited, and have sold out very quickly in the past. ORDER FORM
  • NEW TAFE SCHOLARSHIP:  At the Advisor's Workshop on August 2nd, Donna and Mike Sattler of Its Your Spice announced that they will be offering a $500 TAFE scholarship. They also said there could be a possibility of more than one scholarship depending on participation. Come on TAFE Teacher Leaders get those fundraisers going!!!! Read his announcement below.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: If you have not joined TAFE on Facebook, please join. We currently have 112 members of the group out of 250+ advisors and co-advisors and very few of those are students. Help us get the word out! If you know a TAFE teacher leader who is not currently a member of this group, please invite them to join our group. Also, get your students to join.  They can also join the TAFE Twitter and Instagram.
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