WELCOME to the Teach Tomorrow Summit!


• The TAFE Conference Program will not be printed. It is posted on the TAFE App and at the link below. If you would like a hard copy, print it to take with you.
• Get your students to select and plan their schedules on the TAFE App: download it from the link below.
See Main Event Offer.
UTRGV Tour Information: First 300 who registered get to attend the tour. Others have been put on a wait list. Tours will rotate. See attached instructions and school list for each tour.
PRESENTERS: We will provide a screen and projector, but you will need to bring your own laptop and connecting cables.
• There will be a concession stand in the McAllen Convention Center if you or your students want to pick up something there, or there are restaurants close by.

Competitive Events including Breakout Session Contest:
Students need to bring all papers for your competitive events with them. This does not include Statements of Originality and Dress Code Compliance forms. These two need to stay in the possession of the teacher leader at all times in case there is a question.
Bring your judge EventBrite ticket with you for easier check-in. Otherwise, you will have to look it up and check-in.
Student Volunteers: If you have students you want to volunteer as timekeepers, door monitors, and runners, please tell them to go to the orientation on Thursday or Friday morning and we will put them to work!
Educators Rising Policy Updates: See link for policies to be implemented July 1, 2020.
We are looking forward to seeing you all!

TAFE Phone App - Download it to view competitions, schedules, session information, program, games and more!

View/Print 2020 Program  (We will not be providing printed copies at the Conference. Print them ahead of time, if you would like one.)

• Competitive Events Schedules are posted on the Guidelines and Rubrics page and on the TAFE Teach Tomorrow App


• General Conference Etiquette

• Teacher Leader Responsibilities

• Advisor Letter in Packet

• Cell Phone Policy

• Competitive Events: Fill in My Schedule


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