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Starting a TAFE Chapter »

Registering and/or Signing Up for Educators Rising Step-By-Step Instructions

How to Join or Renew Educators Rising Student Members when the School is Paying the Invoice

EduMagic: Future Teacher Podcast
Are you an aspiring teacher?

The EduMagic Future Teacher Podcast is a podcast designed for preservice teachers who are using EduMagic to rock their college careers. With each episode, you will learn about what it means to be an educator of excellence. Guests include current teachers, educational experts, and administrators who share their tips and stories to help YOU.

Learn from the best! Listen in as Dr. Sam Fecich interviews educators on how they got started in education, what they do now, and how they use EduMagic every day with students. You can also listen to past episodes or subscribe so that new episodes come right into your inbox every week!

For more EduMagic go to www.sfecich.com.

Mark Your Calendar 

Resources from Teacher Leaders »

2020 Officer Training Workshop 

Videos from the workshop are linked here. Plus bonus videos coming soon.

TAFE Leadership Framework » (TRAFLES)

  • TRAFLES is the framework TAFE uses to insure every Chapter has a well rounded, successful program for future educators.

Running for State Office »

  • Application Guidelines and Campaign Instructions for TAFE State Officer School Candidates

TAFE Promotional Materials »

  • Find TAFE promotional materials to download and print your own copies for your TAFE members.

TAFE Honor Society »

  • Criteria and application for the TAFE Honor Society

 Doctor OF Education Programs

  • Advice to students on how to determine if an EdD iS worth it - CLICK HERE
  • 23 Best Online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Programs - CLICK HERE
  • Ed.D. Programs in Texas - CLICK HERE