Teacher Resources

Starting a TAFE Chapter »

Registering and/or Signing Up for Educators Rising Step-By-Step Instructions

How to Join or Renew Educators Rising Student Members when the School is Paying the Invoice

Mark Your Calendar 

Resources from Teacher Leaders »

2020 Officer Training Workshop 

Videos from the workshop are linked here. Plus bonus videos coming soon.

TAFE Leadership Framework » (TRAFLES)

  • TRAFLES is the framework TAFE uses to insure every Chapter has a well rounded, successful program for future educators.

Running for State Office »

  • Application Guidelines and Campaign Instructions for TAFE State Officer School Candidates

TAFE Promotional Materials »

  • Find TAFE promotional materials to download and print your own copies for your TAFE members.

TAFE Honor Society »

  • Criteria and application for the TAFE Honor Society

 Doctor OF Education Programs

  • Advice to students on how to determine if an EdD iS worth it - CLICK HERE
  • 23 Best Online Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) Programs - CLICK HERE
  • Ed.D. Programs in Texas - CLICK HERE