TAFE Teacher Leader's Workshop

July 15-16, 2024 | Hilton Anatole
Dallas, TX

This two-day workshop is the very best opportunity for new and veteran teacher leaders to share ideas, and get information needed for a successful year in TAFE. New teacher leaders will get foundational information, exciting tips, and shortcuts on managing their chapter in ways that will make life easier and more productive. All participants will gain a broader understanding of their important role as a teacher leader and earn required CE hours in the process. We will also have information about 2024 Area Conferences, and the 2025 Teach Tomorrow Summit, Competitive Event updates and what is new in TAFE and Educators Rising. Come join us, connect with others, and get tips for a successful year.

The TAFE Teacher Leader’s Workshop is in conjunction with the FCSTAT Conference. Many TAFE teacher leaders are in both TAFE and FCSTAT and are limited to one conference a year.  Combining with FCSTAT gives them the opportunity to attend both conferences for one price.

TAFE will continue to offer breakout sessions during the FCSTAT conference for the Education and Training, Child Development, and Child Guidance courses. For more information and registration for the FCSTAT Conference, CLICK HERE.  

Presenters are needed to present 45-minute sessions.   If you would like to present at the FCSTAT Conference, CLICK HERE for the RFP Presenter Application.  Thank you!

Tentative Schedule
Program: Coming Soon!
  • Early Bird Registration Costs
    • Full FCSTAT Conference plus TAFE upgrade-$545
    • TAFE Only- $175
  • Late Registration Costs:
    • Full FCSTAT Conference plus TAFE upgrade-$575
    • TAFE Only- $200
  • Onsite Registration Costs:
    • Full FCSTAT Conference plus TAFE upgrade-$600
    • TAFE Only -$225
Payment should be sent to:

5524 Bee Caves Road, Suite H-1
West Lake Hills, TX 78746-5246
Phone: 512-794-8370 | Fax: 512-794-9080 

  • Submit a proposal for a 45-minute breakout session. 
  • Enlist Students to help - if the student/s qualified to go to nationals last year, 
    • Have students submit a video recording of their competitive event presentation - send the link to [email protected], or 
    • Have students present their competition presentation live at the Teacher Leader Workshop
  • Gallery Walk for Contests - bring national qualifying or gold certificate projects to showcase at the Gallery Walk.
  • Round Table Session - Present a 10–15-minute round table session on a particular competition and answer questions about that event.
If you are able to help, please complete the CALL FOR PRESENTERS form. Thank you!

For more information, contact the TAFE State Program Director, Monica Oliver at 512-443-2100 ext. 8512 or e-mail [email protected].

 Hotel Information

ROOM RATE - $164
RESERVATIONS - FCSTAT Summer Annual Conference 2024 - Start your reservation (passkey.com)
LAST DAY TO BOOK - Coming Soon!

PARKING - $11/Vehicle Self-Parking