Teach Tomorrow Summit

Teach for the Stars!

39th Annual Teach Tomorrow Summit
  March 2 - 4, 2023 | Kalahari Resort Round Rock

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 Opportunities to:

  • Compete in 40 High School events 12 Middle School events, 12 Special Edition Events, and 6 Higher Ed. events
  • Earn scholarships
  • Meet other students that want to be teachers
  • Speak to University representatives from the top schools
  • Teach, share, compete, celebrate and have fun!

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• Competitive Event Time Slots: TBD

• ELF Test: TBD

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The deadline for posting competition links for videos, lesson plans, and position papers: TBD

• Applications for Board of Directors due: TBD

• Pre-Scored Events - The following events have some portion that is partially or completely pre-scored. Events that require materials to be Pre-Scored must be submitted:  TBD
• Lesson Planning & Delivery - ARTS
• Lesson Planning & Delivery - CTE
• Lesson Planning & Delivery - Humanities
• Lesson Planning & Delivery - STEM
• Professional Development
• Researching Learning Challenges
• Teacher Leader of the Year
• Exploring Education Administration Careers
• Exploring Non-Core Subject Teaching Careers
• Exploring Support Service Careers
• Job Interview

Pre-Scored Materials Upload » TBD

 Thank you to the US army for sponsoring TAFE Teach Tomorrow Summit