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TeachDFW, is a program that provides free support to anyone who’s thinking about becoming a teacher. When you sign up, you get perks like 1-on-1 coaching, up to $100 back in fee reimbursements (including certification exam costs) and a chance to win a regional $1,000 scholarship.

Resource about Scholarships for Minority Students

The cost of college has increased dramatically over the past several decades. From $18,300 per year, in 2000 to more than $27,300 in 2017. Data shows black students take out federal student loans at a higher rate than white students and borrow more than any other ethnic group.

To help combat this crucial issue, our experts at Bankrate created a guide to help black college students find scholarships that reduce their loan burden and other alternative methods of funding their education.  Find Guide Here Scholarships for Women of Color wants to help empower BIPOC women by helping them reach their education goals. To do that, we're offering several Student Scholarships for women of color pursuing college degrees. Our scholarships award $1,000 to provide some financial relief for the high cost of college. Our scholarships include:

These scholarships all have an application deadline of May 1st, 2023 TAFE students might also be interested in our resource on 2022 College Scholarships for Women, which includes additional scholarship resources and tons of information about applying for and managing financial aid.

Future Teachers Scholarship from

It is increasingly expensive for future teachers in Texas to complete the necessary college level education required to qualify and enter the classroom. created a $500 scholarship for future teachers in Texas and we’ll be accepting applications until June 1st. Other awards for teachers can be found on our teacher scholarship page that might be beneficial in this realm. All of guides and study materials are created by experts, which you can learn more about here. 

Scholarships for Educators Rising Members

Are your students looking for money for college? We can help.  Scholarships are funded through the PDK Educational Foundation. The foundation awards more than 30 scholarships each year, and your students could be recipients! Scholarships are also available for Educators Rising Collegiate, Pi Lambda Theta, and/or PDK Association members. The best part? They only need to fill out one application to apply for all Scholarships!  For more information Click here!

Scholarships for Education Majors

Charles Butt Scholarship:

The Charles Butt Scholarship supports extraordinary students to enter the teaching profession. Charles Butt Scholarship recipients are passionate aspiring educators seeking to make a difference for public school students. The Scholarship includes $8,000-$10,000 in annual funding for up to four years, professional development opportunities, mentorship, and participation in a statewide aspiring teachers network.

The scholarship is open to applicants who believe in the importance of public education, are leaders in their communities, and reflect the diversity of the state of Texas. To be eligible, applicants must be committed to teaching in a majority-economically disadvantaged school or in a shortage subject area in a Texas public school.

Aspiring teachers can apply in the fall of any year between their senior year of high school and junior year of college, or prior to entering an eligible master’s program. The deadlines for the 2024-2025 scholarship application are different for each partner university and will open in October. For more information and to apply visit CharlesButtScholarship.orgClick here for flyer.

The Tom Joyner Foundation Scholarship:

Are you interested in learning how to receive a Tom Joyner Foundation scholarship to attend a Texas HBCU at no cost to you? 
✓ If you are interested in pursuing a teaching degree in STEM or Early Childhood Education
✓ If you will be graduating or transferring this semester
✓ If you have completed about 60 or more hours
✓ If your GPA aligns with Texas HBCUs criteria for admittance
This opportunity is open to all students regardless of race and residency status. CLICK HERE for more information.

Gay Nell McGinnis Scholarship:

In 2013, FCSTAT established the Gay Nell McGinnis Scholarship in honor of the former State Director of Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Texas Education Agency. The scholarship was initiated to provide funds for members of FCCLA and/or TAFE, who have declared a major in the field of Family and Consumer Sciences Education. Applicants must be nominated by a current FCSTAT member. Application opens December 1st. Deadline for application is a postmark of January 31st.  Scholarship Announcement date is March 1, 2024APPLICATION

Elon University:

The Teaching Fellows Program is a four-year sequenced, developmental and transformational $28,500 scholarship opportunity for the preparation of teachers who will become leaders in the field. After applying to Elon, students may apply to the Fellows Programs until the deadline of January 10.

Other Scholarships

Judith Hetherly Scholarship:

The Judith Hetherly Scholarship was established in 1998 in honor of Ms. Hetherly, former director of Family and Consumer Sciences Education, Texas Education Agency, from 1983 - 1996. This scholarship is available to children of FCSTAT members who have been members for five consecutive years. Application opens December 1st. Deadline for application is a postmark of January 31st.  Scholarship Announcement date is March 1, 2024. APPLICATION

45+ College Scholarships for Minority Students:

published by Purdue University Global. This resource shares 45+ financial aid scholarships for prospective, undergraduate, and graduate students to supplement the cost of their education. This resource provides students with both tips on how to apply for scholarships, as well as an extensive list of scholarships and grants. Also highlighted within the resource are opportunities dedicated to specific demographics such as African Americans, Asian Americans, Latino Students, Native Americans. The featured scholarships are current and are provided by trusted organizations. The resource will constantly be updated to ensure students can apply to the most accurate scholarships available.  CLICK HERE

is pleased to announce that we've opened several new scholarships for applications! Each scholarship is an award of $500 and will be accepting applications until July 1st. Scholarship for Students of Color Scholarship for Military Children Scholarship for Asian American & Pacific Islander Students Scholarship for LGBTQ Students Scholarship for Indigenous Students is a leading online education resource making learning accessible for over 30 million students and educators a month. We believe that students will benefit from these resources, and we linked our Guide to FAFSA and Financial Aid.

North Harris County Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated:


The North Harris County Alumnae Chapter (NHCAC) of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. has developed this scholarship as a way to give back to local communities by offering financial assistance to distinguished graduating African American students pursuing higher education. NHCAC will award scholarships on a competitive basis to qualified applicants. Click Here to Apply