TAFE Dress Code

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TAFE Conference & Competitive Events Dress Code

All students and teachers leaders shall be neatly groomed and in Business Professional Dress while competing and attending all TAFE Conferences. 

Day of Competition All competitors, judges, door monitors, time keepers, runners, and teacher leaders in dress code.

          If you are neither competing nor working the events, but you are in the conference area, you must be neatly groomed and in business professional dress.

General Sessions & Breakout Sessions

All students and teacher leaders should be in dress code.

Special Activity You may wear your conference t-shirt or other TAFE shirt and nice jeans without holes.


• Dressy/Modest Shirt/Blouse with Sleeves (button-up, collared, polo, or shallow neckline is acceptable)
• Dress slacks or skirt/dress (with slits or length no higher than the knee) – No tight-fitting skirts
• Optional sweater or jacket
• Dress shoes (not athletic, flip flops or sandals) (maximum 3” heel)
• NO backless, see-through, tight-fitting, spaghetti straps, midriffs, strapless, low-cut, etc. attire allowed.

• Collared shirt
• Dress slacks or khakis
• Optional necktie
• Optional jacket
• Dress shoes (not athletic, flip flops, or sandals) (dressy western boots & loafers allowed)

• Clean and neatly groomed (wrinkle-free/non-overly tight)
• Body piercings and tattoos covered at all times
• Conference name badge worn for competition & awards
• NO shorts are allowed

 Approved by TAFE Board of Directors June  2020