Starting a New TAFE Chapter

Here is a step-by-step process of starting a new TAFE chapter:

Step 1: Secure approval from school administration. Gaining the support of your principal and CTE director is vital to having a successful chapter. Use this guide as a resource to promote the mission of TAFE.

Step 2: Attend the Teacher Leader Workshop held during the preconference days prior to the FCSTAT Summer Conference.

Step 3: Recruit! Start with students in your classes, then reach out to other teachers who can recommend students who might be interested in a career in education. Establishing a core group of students to serve as an officer team early will provide a solid foundation for your chapter.

Step 4: Register for Educators Rising Membership. Create a Teacher Leader account at Once your account is created and approved, your students may begin creating their accounts. All TAFE members must be members of Educators Rising to compete and participate in TAFE events.

Step 5: Pay state dues. Dues must be paid prior to participating in your area conference.

Step 6: Draft a Constitution. See the example on page 24 of the New Chapter Kit.

Step 7: Plan a tentative calendar of activities. Be sure to include projects in each of the seven TAFE project areas. See the sample yearly calendar on page 14 and ideas for TRAFLES projects on pages 18-23 of the New Chapter Kit.

Step 8: Prepare a budget. You will need to plan ahead to determine how much money your chapter will need and how you will go about earning that money. (See sample budget)

Step 9: Begin preparing for your area conference. Reach out to your area president for details such as the date, location, and cost of the area conference.