Join in teacher appreciation activities to make a difference.

  1.  Host a teachers’ night
  2.  Honor teachers on Valentine’s Day
  3.  Place apples in teacher's boxes
  4.  Have a valet for a day (TAFE member is a valet for a teacher)Appreciation
  5.  Host a teacher talent show
  6.  Help with registration
  7.  Honor retiring teachers
  8.  Make name tags for first day of school
  9.  Send “Welcome Back to School” cards
  10.  Help new teachers (offer to help them set up their classrooms before school starts)
  11.  Provide classroom supplies for new teachers
  12.  Help on teacher work days
  13.  Provide goodies for teachers’ lounge
  14.  Serve a full meal at lunch with delivery to room
  15.  Help substitute teachers
  16.  Host a teacher appreciation week
  17.  Select Teacher of the Month
  18.  Recognition in daily announcements
  19.  Breakfast—luncheon—end of year banquet
  20.  Secret Pals
  21.  Write Thank You notes
  22.  Gifts—balloons, apples, carnations, pencils, pads of paper
  23.  Honor teachers on their birthdays
  24.  Gold apple awards
  25. Birthday gifts
  26. New Teacher Survival Kit
  27. Provide goodies for the teachers' lounge
  28. Make lunch for the cafeteria workers & serve them
  29. Breakfast in desk (instead of in bed) for teachers - deliver the breakfast to teacher in their classroom
  30. Put small items with catchy phrases on them in the teacher’s boxes (“We have a Jolly good time in your class.” Attach to a Jolly Rancher; See attachment for more ideas
Thank you