Learn about educational issues and/or methodologies.

  1. Participate in college night
  2. Create a newsletter about hot topics in education
  3. Submit articles to the school newspaper
  4. Submit articles to the local newspaper
  5. Host a career day or college fair
  6. Sponsor a scholarship for a senior in your chapter
  7.  Invite parents to attend classes/activities
  8. Use parents as volunteer aides
  9. Invite speakers from the local university
  10. Research and provide scholarship information
  11. Serve as student teachers
  12. Sponsor a book fair
  13. Visit college campuses
  14. Visit school board meetings
  15. Have speakers from educational organizations
  16. Use an exchange student as a speaker
  17. Tutor adults in a literacy program
  18. Sponsor education fair
  19. Visit classes of interest
  20. Have a booth at mall about your program to educate the community about what your chapter is doing
  21. Create a skit about democracy for elementary school students
  22. Interview school personnel
  23. Visit a Montessori school
  24. Job shadow someone in the field of education
  25. Research different teaching methodologies
Education Tree