Tutor and become a positive influence to younger children.

  1.  Anything-goes (Wacky) Olympics
  2.  TAFE tug
  3. Play, Learn, and Grow Together Scavenger hunt / Cell Phone Picture Scavenger Hunt
  4.  Lock in
  5.  Kidnap breakfast
  6.  Clue party
  7.  Toga party
  8.  Backwards progressive dinner (reppus evissergorp)
  9.  TAFE day at Amusement Park
  10. Mud Fest
  11.  Attend school events together and wear TAFE shirts (this will also give you some publicity and you will be known in school as the cool group that has a lot of fun)
  12.  Picnic
  13.  Hayride
  14.  Polar Alaskan party
  15.  Christmas party (Holiday party)
  16.  B.Y.O.B party - Bring your own banana for a banana split party
  17. TAFE day at State Fair of Texas
  18. Attend TAFE Night at the Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, or Houston Rockets basketball game (Afternoon career program with speakers then game.)