Meet the Officers

Theme for 2023-2024: Say Aloha to Teaching

2023-2024 Officer Schools:


President School: Kameron Keller
Alief Taylor High School, Area 4
My name is Kameron Keller, “Kam” for short and I am a sophomore at Alief Taylor High School. I’m 16 years old and originally from Louisiana, but I’ve lived in Houston for most of my life. I’m very involved with my school and currently, I’m the Area 4 President and also the Appreciation Chairperson for my local TAFE club. I have participated in TAFE since my freshman year. I’ve been involved in fundraisers, community service events, and staff appreciation with the TAFE club at my school. When I’m not participating in club events, I am an actor for Alief Taylor High School Theater Company. I enjoy meeting new people, spending time with family and friends, and being in collaborative atmospheres. I also love to help others any chance I get. I have enjoyed the experience of learning new skills while in TAFE and various other leadership roles.

  Vice President School: Anastasia Camden
Killeen Career Center, Area 3

My name is Anastasia Camden, and I am a junior at the Killeen Career Center. I am in my second year of TAFE and have the honor of serving as my chapters vice president. I am a KCC Education Advisory board student representative, so I have the opportunity to attend meetings, provide student feedback to board members, communicate student concerns, and evaluate the effectiveness of the KCC education program. As a KCC Student Ambassador I facilitate middle school tours, promote the education program and TAFE, as well as give daily announcements to students over the intercom. I am a Public Speaking State and National Qualifier and placed Top 10 for the 2021-2022 school year. This year I competed in Public Speaking and to which I am a current State Qualifier, as well as an Ethical Dilemma current State Qualifier, and Educational Leadership Fundamentals Test Current State Qualifier. My campaign platform is to hope that we will build a better tomorrow with inclusiveness. By giving equal opportunity and offering support to everyone we can build a better tomorrow and spread the word of what we do in TAFE.

  Secretary School: Peyton Crabill
Lockhart High School, Area 3

My name is Peyton Crabill, and I’m a junior at Lockhart High School. I have always loved working with a team, and with children. The reason I want to pursue the teaching profession in the future is because education is in my blood. I have watched my mom teach and inspire students, and it opened my eyes to the wonders and possibilities of the teaching profession. I want to be able to say that I have had an impact on children. Teachers inspire, motivate, guide, and lead the future generations of leaders, and I aspire to be a part of that impact. My journey in education started with TAFE in sixth grade. I am proud to say I was a founding member of the Lockhart Junior High School TAFE chapter and have been a member of TAFE for six consecutive years. I have had a leadership position in TAFE every year that I have been a member and have developed and applied leadership skills and traits in and out of the classroom and CTSO. I hope to grow my knowledge and skills as a State Officer and continue to serve my school, community, and hopefully Texas proudly. 

  Historian School: Jacqueline Serrano
Kaufman High School, Area 11

Hello! I’m Jacqueline Serrano as some might know. I’m a sophomore at Kaufman High School but my plans are to graduate as a Junior. I grew up in a Mexican household, Spanish being my first language. I plan on being a High School Spanish teacher, this being because I would love to express my love for the culture and get to teach something I can relate to. I also love meeting new people and gaining new friendships. I also heavily enjoy being with my family, friends come and go but your family does not.