New Chapter Guide

Our Mission

TAFE encourages students to learn about careers in education and assists them in exploring the teaching profession while promoting character, service and leadership skills necessary for becoming effective educators.

Our Motto

“The Hope for Tomorrow”

History of TAFE

TAFE was founded in 1984 so that students all over Texas would have the opportunity:

  • To learn about the teaching profession, its opportunities, responsibilities, and its important role in our democracy.
  • To explore their interests and abilities in relation to the various fields of teaching.
  • To cultivate the qualities of character, service and leadership which are essential in good teachers.
  • To learn how and where teachers receive their training, the cost, scholarships available, number of years required, certification requirements, and standards.
  • To study the lives and influence of great teachers.

So you are the new teacher leader...

Steps to Starting a New Chapter

TAFE as a C.T.S.O.
Promoting your Chapter
Meeting Hints & Meeting Minutes
Sample Budget
Sample Monthly Schedule
Sample Weekly Schedule
TAFE Competitive Events
Project Ideas
Sample Chapter Constitution
TAFE Area Map

Download PDF 2022-23 New Chapter Guide