Leadership Framework (TRAFLES)

What are TRAFLES?

TRAFLES is the framework TAFE uses to ensure every Chapter has a well-rounded, successful program for future educators.

Each of the areas of the TRAFLES is linked to a page for ideas you can do. 

Click on the link to discover ideas of projects for your chapter.

  • Teaching/Training: Tutor and become a positive influence to younger children.
  • Recreation: Have fun with others who have similar career goals and make lifelong friends.
  • Appreciation: Join in teacher appreciation activities to make a difference.
  • Fundraising: Work together with your peers to raise funds to support the projects in which the local organization participates.
  • Leadership: Develop leadership characteristics.
  • Educational Awareness: Learn about educational issues and/or methodologies.
  • Service: Connect with the community by addressing the needs of others.